South Africa Sasurel (Pty) LTD
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About Sasurel (Pty) LTD
Sasurel (Pty) LTD
Sasurel (Pty) LTD located in South Africa provides: Artificial Fibers, Catgut, Flax Yarn, Intestines, Nylon Monofilaments, Nylon Yarn, Olefin Yarn, Polyester Films, Polypropylene, Polypropylene Monofilaments, Silk Yarn, Sterile Surgical Catgut, Surgical Sutures, Suture Needles, Synthetic Monofilaments, Synthetic Yarns
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Contact Information for  Sasurel (Pty) LTD

1st Floor Commercial Centre
Commercial Road
Port Elizabeth
PO Box 14307
Sidwell, Eastern Cape
South Africa

Phone Number: +27 41 451 3002
Fax Number: +27 41 4511764
Contact Name: C Fourie

Exporter status: Current exporter

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