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About Servochem (Pty) LTD
Servochem (Pty) LTD
Servochem (Pty) LTD located in South Africa provides: Acrylic Emulsions, Acrylic Polymers, Acrylic Resins, Additives, Alkyd Resins, Barium Sulfate, Barium Sulphates, Benzyl Alcohol, Biocides, Dispersants, Epoxy Resins, Ethyl Alcohol, Hexylene Glycol, Hydrocarbon Resins, Inorganic Pigments, Iron Oxides, Isophorone, Laboratory Equipment, Light Stabilisers, Light Stabilizers, Lubricants, Petroleum Resins, Pigments, Polyamides, Sodium Hexametaphosphate
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Contact Information for  Servochem (Pty) LTD

8 Strowig Street
Jet Park
PO Box 14005
Witfield, Gauteng
South Africa

Phone Number: +27 11 8235341
Fax Number: +27 11 8235236
Contact Name: Vicky Weston

Exporter status: Current exporter

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