South Africa P E Birkholtz Distributors CC
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About P E Birkholtz Distributors CC
P E Birkholtz Distributors CC
P E Birkholtz Distributors CC located in South Africa provides: Boiled Sweets, Bubble Gum, Candies, Candy Wholesalers, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Chewing Gum, Chewing Gum Wholesalers, Chewing Sweets, Chewy Candies, Drinking Straws, Lollipops, Lollypops, Lucky Packets, Mineral Waters, Party Favors, Party Novelties, Party Supplies, Peanuts, Picnic and Party Supplies, Popsicles, Pretzels, Removable Tattoos, Sherbet, Snack Food Wholesalers, Snack Foods
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Contact Information for  P E Birkholtz Distributors CC

99 Mangold Street
Newton Park
PO Box 7312
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
South Africa

Phone Number: +27 41 3655147
Fax Number: +27 41 3652547
Contact Name: Peter Birkholtz

Exporter status: Current exporter

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