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Shanghai Sourcing
Shanghai Sourcing located in China provides: Air Exchangers, Automotive Belts and Hoses, Automotive Hoses, Other, Brake Hoses (Automotive), Centrifugal Casting Molds (Metal Forming), Centrifugal Casting Moulds (Metal Forming), Chemical Hoses, Coating Services, Compression Moulds (Metal Forming), Curb Pump Hoses, Dies, Discharge Hoses, Drain Hoses, Drainage Pumps, Dredge Pumps, Dredging Pumps, Drench Hoses, Electronics Enclosures, Exhaust Hoses, Extruders, Fences, Fencing (Enclosures), Fireproof Enclosures, Fuel Inlet Hoses, Furniture Parts
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Contact Information for  Shanghai Sourcing

Suite 615
515 Hankou Road
Shanghai, Shanghai

Phone Number: 086-13795428788
Fax Number: 1-800-886-7379
Contact Name: Edward Fan

Exporter status: Current exporter
Company's Annual Sales: 1,000,001 - 2,500,000
Number of Employees: 51 - 100

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