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Protect Your Critical Data <br>Now available to all ASCE members, Mozy is an automated, online backup and recovery program. It provides easy-to-implement, secure, reliable and efficient protection of your business’s most critical data. With Mozy, you get a world-class data protection solution available for little additional investment and best of all, it’s simple to deploy and manage, even if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff. <br>Restore When Needed <br>What happens if you delete data, lose your laptop or your hard drive dies? If you’ve backed up with Mozy, you can easily restore and recover all critical patient files, medical documents and pieces of data necessary to run your practice. <br>Set it and Forget It <br>Simply set Mozy to back up on a schedule to our secure datacenters, and we’ll do the rest. Need to recover one file or several? You can restore files directly over the Internet, or we can send you DVDs with all of your data. On your schedule depending on when you need it. <br>Best of all, your critical information is encrypted so you won’t need to worry about data security. <br>Members Save <br>As an ASCE member, you’ll be able to save an additional 15% off of regular prices. To find out more purchase, visit: http://www.mozy.com/asce. <br>
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2162 W. Parkway
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United States

Phone Number: 801-701-4126
Contact Name: Brent Bird

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