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IndustrialSupplies.com, LLC
IndustrialSupplies.com is the new destination for your industrial supplies needs, offering a wide variety of products in Storage Solutions, Material Handling, Dock, Facility & Warehouse, Industrial & Office Furniture, Shipping Supplies and Outdoor & Ground Maintenance. <br> <br>Whether it's a perfect bin to store small parts or moving a 6,000 Lb. load pallet with a heavy duty pallet jack, IndustrialSupplies.com is committed to providing value-priced industrial supplies that offer effective solutions for the various needs of our customers in the continental United States. <br> <br>We strive to simplify purchase decisions and save time for our customers. We understand that shopping around for the right product(s) can be a time-consuming ordeal - often needing to go through all or part of checkout process just to find out "how much will shipping cost?". You may also find a "great" price out there while shopping around at other web sites - and then find out the "great" price isn't what you end up paying after the shipping cost is added. <br> <br>At IndustrialSupplies.com, Shipping is Always Free for continental United States customers. There are no hidden fees - what you see is what you pay. <br> <br>We will continue to put forth our efforts to improve your shopping experience at IndustrialSupplies.com. That is IndustrialSupplies.com's commitment to your customer experience. <br> <br> <br>
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8123 South 116th Street
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
United States

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