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Eliminate, tangles, tugging, slipping, breakage, headaches from claw pressure points and the hassle of trying to get hair to stay up in a nice looking hairstyle. Keep your hair extensions safe from getting caught in tangels. No more hassles getting hair to stay in place, a wide variety of styles can be made and adorned to fit your style. Even display team logos replace with any decorated band. Pony Buns, Messy buns, Round Buns, Space Buns, Uplifted PonyTail, French Twists. Roll or fold or wind, lock in with a Holdi-Button, Holdi-Wand or Holdi-Tie. Use a U Pin for a very dressy look. Make Fine hair row fuller, Unruly curly/wavy hair can be reduced into a comfy style that can train the poofy curls into smoother comprssed waves.
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207 Kimberly Drive
Lakeland, Florida
United States

Phone Number: +1 813-997-0900

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