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Analytical Instruments
Animal Identification Equipment
Assayers' Equipment and Supplies
Biotechnology Equipment and Supplies
Centrifugal Impregnators
Clean Room Equipment
Clean Rooms
Coal Testing Equipment
Crystallography Equipment
Detectors (Instruments)
Digestion Systems
Distillation Equipment
Drafting Equipment
Entomology Equipment and Supplies
Fermentation Equipment
Filtering and Purifying Equipment
Forensic Science Equipment
Gas Generation Equipment
Geographic Information Systems
Geology Tools
Geophysical Instruments
Gravity Separators
Growth Chambers
Histology Equipment and Supplies
Infrared Equipment
Ion Sources
Isotope Separation Apparatus
Laboratory Equipment
Laser Eyewear
Mathematical Instruments
Measuring Instruments
Meteorological Equipment
Microscope Cameras
Molecular Biology Equipment and Supplies
Nuclear Instrumentation and Equipment
Oceanographic Equipment
Oil Skimmers
Optical Equipment
Particle Analysis Equipment
Prepared Slides
Recording Instruments
Remote Sensing Analysis
Research Satellites
Safety Glasses
Safety Goggles
Sample Preparation Equipment and Supplies
Sampling Cylinders
Screens (Separation)
Sedimentation Equipment
Solar Eclipse Glasses
Spinners (Laboratory)
Steaming Plants
Surveying Equipment
Testing Equipment
Vibratory Separators
Wind Tunnels